Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Juice & Roll

My friend Christy is doing raw week with me, so I suggested we do dinner together last night - especially since she was borrowing a friend's juicer!

I do have mixed feelings about juicing. I have heard it described as wasteful and privileged, and I cannot deny the authenticity of those statements. Christy and I kept saying, "if only we had a garden" juicing would be more practical because we could grow lots of veggies and compost the excess. Luckily, I do have worms in my kitchen to whom I fed most of the pulp. I don't think, though, that I would invest in a juicer for my kitchen. In my house it would be just a seldom-used appliance taking up space. However, last night's opportunity to use the juicer turned out a delicious treat!

We ended up juicing a lot more veggies and fruits than seen above, and it served four of us, including Christy's 9-year-old. The finished product:

Christy also made these yummy kale wraps containing celery, carrot, avocado and lemon juice:

What a great idea! The juice was very satisfying in a way I never would have guessed.

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