Thursday, November 15, 2007


I get the most cravings at night when I'm tired. It's definitely like an emotional craving rather than a tummy craving. It's thinking about a nice soft, warm rice dish or toast that gets me. I feel sad that I won't eat those foods again (at least in the near future). I just try to tell myself I'll be feeling much healthier soon from eating raw foods and pop a date in my mouth. (My current comfort food.) In my nutrition classes I've learned that one shouldn't use food as a reward or an emotional support. Yeah right, everyone does that. Even if it's something as innocent as a date. Maybe one shouldn't do that, but it's only natural I think.

I think I am going to a raw potluck tomorrow night. I am a little apprehensive because it looks like I am going alone and won't know anyone there. I will just have to put my best raw foot forward and hope that they like whatever dish I bring. I think I might try the coconut macaroons that I made for my raw potluck not too long ago. They were delicious. Wish me luck!

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Ian said...

Did this event take place? How did the food turn out?

Jenn made your coconut macaroons the other day, and they were beyond reproach. 1,000 thank-you's for the recipe.

As for your cravings, usually when the body craves something, it is because it has nutrients that it requires for healing. The toughest barrier, as you mentioned, may be psychologically leaving the yumminess of your cooked food endeavors behind. The rest of it boils down to choices (ie- the choice to not eat meat .... the choice to eat vegan .... now the choice to be raw)

The best part of this process is that your choice does exist, and you can adopt or dispose of them at your will, and no one else's.

I am sure you will choose wisely for yourself.