Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Yesterday I made a great salad with red romaine lettuce, red onion, avocado, cucumber, and sprinkled some nutritional yeast onto it. I felt really good about such a nutrition and raw dinner. Chris sauteed some peppers and onions with brown rice to go with the meal. It was a great dinner. I think I hate avocados though. They make me nauseous. Today I had to throw away the extra avocado because it made me feel like puking every time I saw it or thought about it. Today I sliced some cucumber for lunch along with 2 veggie chicken nuggets and a P.B.J. The problem I have with raw food is that I need to learn how to make meals with it besides salad and just pieces of fruit or veggies. I need to mix it up and make it seem like more than just a snack. Research is required.

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