Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monument Avenue 10K

I wanted to report back about how the 10K went. But first - the pre-race day carb loading!!! Just kidding - you don't really need to carb load before a 10K, but I did happen to eat soba noodles the night before. I did my favorite soba+wakame+tahini+nutritional yeast dish:

One concern I had going into the race is that I am not a morning exercising type of person. Since I've been training for the 10K, I've only done evening runs and I always feel more up to exercising later in the day. The race started at 8:30AM. By the time my wave left it was about 9:30 or 10AM. I definitely did not feel as strong and energetic as I do on my evening runs, but I feel like it was a success! I ran the whole race, and my time was 1 hour 4 minutes. I was happy that I participated in this event before leaving Richmond.

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